Testimonials for Quality 1st Basement Systems

Luke L.'s home in Marlton, NJ had a couple of problems he needed to fix sooner than later.  The basement was leaking and the water was causing other problems. There was also a foundation settlement issue that was causing cracks on the walls of the rooms above it.  Luke decided to call Quality 1st Basement Systems and was very pleased with the entire experience he had with the company, "I've been very satisfied with the job, both the repairing system that was put along the foundation and the drain that was put on inside, has resolved both problems." - says Luke "It's been two years since it was installed and the basement has been dry the entire time, and I haven't noticed any further cracking on the foundation either. So, I'm very satisfied with the work that was done."
Luke L. of Marlton, NJ
Back in 2011, a heavy storm knocked out power for more than a day, and for that reason Divyang S.’s basement flooded. His neighbor, however, who had also lost power during the same storm, had a completely dry basement thanks to a battery-operated backup sump pump system. When Mr. S. learned about it, he decided to have the same system installed in his basement and called Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems for an estimate. Mr. S. found the system design specialist very knowledgeable. He was shown many options to solve the problem and is pleased with the solution he chose. He hasn’t had a problem since. According to Mr. S. they are not your average contractor… “I feel very comfortable with them, because they are honest and they are professional.”Mr. S. would highly recommend Quality 1st Basement Systems to any homeowner looking to protect their basement from flooding or interested in the installation of a powerful sump pump system to keep their basements dry, even when the power goes out.
Divyang S. of Princeton, NJ
Friday, October 17th
The install was very smooth I remember it was snowing, we started this process in March. The guys took a great amount of care to make sure they didn't trash the house. They kept everything neat and clean jackhammering concrete is a little bit loud but it didn't take very long. From seeing the bright white basement you had no evidence workers were there. Hurricane Irene was perfect for us, we were able to spend most of our time helping out others because our basement was nice and clean and dry. The only time I got soggy was helping out friends who hadn't had basement work done yet.
George T. of Freehold, NJ
Monday, October 10th
Barbara is one of our customers in Middlesex, NJ. She was very happy with the system we installed for her. We installed 120 ft. of WaterGuard with a TripleSafe Sump Pump and 120 Ft of BrightWall Paneling System.
Barbara of Middlesex, NJ
Tuesday, January 20th
When Mrs. Adriene P. purchased her home, she knew it had a wet basement, with terrible, frequent flooding episodes. These flooding episodes eventually led to mold problems and health concerns for her and her family. She knew that extensive work needed to be done in that basement in order to keep it dry.  Fortunately, the company she chose to waterproof her basement was Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems: the only company in NJ with exclusive access to over 24 patented products specifically designed to permanently solve leaky and flooding basement problems. Her basement has remained dry and mold-free ever since. She is happy to have worked with a company that really stands behind the quality of their work. They guarantee that the job is going to get done properly, and they actually follow up. “That is a rare thing today.” – she said.
Adriene P. of Basking Ridge, NJ
Friday, October 17th
"Super Sump and WaterGuard alleviated 12 years of worry. Fantastic job and very successful operation."
Robert of Green Brook, NJ
Tuesday, December 8th
Felix had a flood-prone basement. Every time it rained heavily, his Edison, NJ basement would be under water. After three major flooding episodes, Felix and his wife decided that it was time to get their basement properly waterproofed. As savvy homeowners, they did some research online and verified each company's standing with the Better Business Bureau before choosing Quality 1st Basement Systems for the job. After the inspection and estimate, Felix and his wife opted for having a full perimeter drainage system and a powerful sump pump system installed in their basement. The crews were very professional, clean and thorough. Felix hasn't had a drop of water in the basement ever since the job was finished 5 years ago, despite heavy rains, two hurricanes and some major storms that afflicted the Northeast the past few years. If you want permanent, proven solutions for basement leaks and flooding, why not trust New Jersey's expert in "all things basementy?" Quality 1st Basement Systems provides products and services backed by a transferable lifetime warranty.
Felix of Edison, NJ
Tuesday, April 16th
For the last 6 years I'm very confident, very happy, with the service. Every year I get the service maintained so everything's working properly. The first time we lost power the battery backup worked at least 12 hours before the power came back on.
Anthony D. of Mount Freedom, NJ
https://www.quality1stbasementsystems.com | 1-844-268-0860The basement in Joan F.’s house had a serious condensation problem, especially during the summer. They had the air conditioner running all the time and the condensation ended up creating a wide-spread mold problem in the basement. After getting rid of the mold, she needed to deal with the moisture and condensation problems. That’s when she decided to call Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems to see how the company could help. She was very impressed with the entire experience provided by the company. “The sales person was wonderful. They came very quickly, they knew exactly what the issue was and how to remedy it for us” – she said.
Joan F. of Scotch Plains, NJ
Friday, October 17th
After getting quotes from several companies, he found that Quality 1st was the most qualified company, because the technician was able to answer all his questions in a way that made perfect sense to him. They had the best solutions, their services and products were reasonably priced and the nationally-backed transferable lifetime warranty gave him extra assurance. Since having a full-perimeter drainage system and a powerful sump pump installed a year ago, the basement has remained dry through all sorts of wet weather, including some major storms. Charles is very happy with the results, and would highly recommend Quality 1st Basement Systems to anyone in NJ struggling with wet, leaky or flooding basements.
Charles C. of Lincroft, NJ
Tuesday, April 16th
"My basement used to flood two to three times every year!" - says Michael C. from Eatontown, NJ. He often found himself scooping water off the basement floor and into the sump pit. After a couple of years dealing with this problem, Michael felt it was time to deal with it. That is when he decided to call Quality 1st Basement Systems for help. In this video h speaks about his experience as a customer, and his satisfaction with the service, products and results."It looks great down there! You go downstairs and not only is it bright but it is clean and the walls look great! There has been no flooding in my basement No regrets in having them do my work and I would highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for waterproofing in their basement.." - says Michael.
Michael C. of Eatontown, NJ
Faye B's home in Summit, NJ had significant basement flooding issues. During heavy rains her basement would get anywhere between 4 and 6 inches of water. When Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast, her entire basement was under 4 feet of water. That is when she decided to do something to fix the problem. She shopped around, called several companies for an estimate, but was never satisfied with their proposals and answers. A contractor then referred her to Quality 1st Basement Systems and she soon scheduled her free inspection. The system design specialist was not only thorough in his inspection; he was able to answer all her questions, showing her a preview of what her basement was going to look like after the job was completed. Faye's basement hasn't gotten a single drop of water since Quality 1st finished the waterproofing job. When Hurricane Sandy hit, her home lost power for 14 days. Yet, thanks to the powerful battery-operated backup sump pump installed as part of her waterproofing solution, the basement remained completely dry. You don't have to live with a wet basement. You don't have to lose another night's sleep, worrying about basement flooding. Qualities 1st Basement Systems has helped thousands of homeowners in NJ permanently and effectively solve wet basement problems. They can help you too! Call now for your free estimate.
Faye B. of Summit, NJ
Tuesday, April 16th
When Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast, Lisa E's finished basement in Middletown, NJ was flooded with over 6 inches of water. After dealing with the messy and costly cleanup process, Lisa decided to take every step necessary to prevent that from happening again. She began by calling a reputable and well-known local engineer who, after inspecting her basement, recommended an upgrade for the existing, failing sump pump and the installation of a full-perimeter drainage system inside the basement. Following the engineer's recommendation, Lisa proceeded to get quotes from four different local companies. One of the companies just didn't seem trustworthy, another was overpriced, and a third one had a very pushy salesperson, giving Lisa the impression that he cared more about making a sale than actually helping her solve her basement problems. Quality 1st Basement Systems was the fourth company to inspect and quote the job. The system design technician was very thorough in his inspection, very courteous and ready to answer all her questions. From that first contact, she knew she could trust Quality 1st to do a good job. She communicated her decision to the engineer and he was also quite pleased with her choice. The crews came on time, performed the job quickly and neatly, answering all Lisa's questions as they progressed. The basement has been bone dry ever since the job was completed, having survived some major storms, including Hurricane Sandy.
Lisa E. of Middletown, NJ
Tuesday, April 16th
Bill P.’s house in Staten Island had the typical, nightmarish crawl space: filled with water, infested with mold and terrible smells. That was until Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems came and fixed his crawl space so effectively, Mr. P called it a “miracle.” “They were very quick, they were very neat, did a wonderful job and they were out of here in no time.” – he said.“They were very honest, very reliable, did a tremendous job, and the results were outstanding. It certainly added value to our home!”
Bill P. of Ocean Township, NJ
Friday, October 17th
Tom R. first heard about Tom Roman’s Quality 1st Basement Systems through a neighbor who was very satisfied with the job performed by the company in his crawl space. Having crawl space problems of his own, Tom decided to give Quality 1st a call. “There doesn’t seem to be too many companies that really address crawl spaces. They accepted that challenge without a problem.” – said Tom, who also felt that the company had just the right products to address all this crawl space concerns. A drainage and sump pump system was installed to keep water from pooling under the house. The crawl space was then encapsulated and insulated to control moisture and prevent energy loss, making his home much more comfortable, especially in the wintertime. The sagging floors above the crawl space were stabilized and brought back to level with crawl space jacks. The work was performed quietly and in a timely manner, and the cleanup afterwards was very thorough. “Quality 1st Basement Systems promise a lot and they seem to back it up and deliver!” – concluded Tom.
Tom R. of Staten Island, NJ
Friday, October 17th
Iian and Xavier were the Foreman who raised my concrete. Iian, explained thoroughly what was to take place and the expected results. Not only were they both thorough and professional but my expectations were exceeded. The end result was an excellent job that not only feels nice and level to walk on but looks good too. Thanks Quality 1st!
Mike D. of Bridgeton, NJ
Thursday, April 4th
There is no water in the basement!!!! OMG!! The final product of the job was great, I did not see the work getting done but my tenants says there was no problems.
Juan R. of Glassboro, NJ
Thursday, June 15th
I had a sinking cement foundation that was supporting a 10 x 13-foot shed in my backyard. The Q 1st technicians were able to strategically inject PolyLevel underneath the cement slab to level out my shed. The communication was excellent throughout the process and the technicians were determined to provide satisfaction. The 5-year transferrable warranty added that extra security. A job well done by Q1 Basements!
Larry O. of Washington Township, NJ
Tuesday, June 15th
Our friend was very happy with the work Quality 1st did for her, she recommended the company very highly. The young man who dug the trench on the lawn did an excellent job, they cleaned up in the basement very nice. They were a great team. The salesman was very knowledgeable and the installation team was friendly.
Catherine S. of Elizabethport, NJ
Wednesday, March 4th
I first heard about Quality 1st through the yellowpages looking to fix the horizontal cracks on my basement walls. I am well satisfied with the work completed by Quality 1st Dan M. was very knowledgeable and the cost was within my budget. The wall anchors were able to stabilize the wall and not allow for any further horizontal cracking.
Allen P. of Somerdale, NJ
As always great service.  Very friendly answered all questions and completed the job with no issues
John M. of Clementon, NJ
Friday, December 9th
The crew lead by Wilver were extremely helpful with my questions and worked very efficient and quick. They did a great job. 
Eddie B. of Merchantville, NJ
Tuesday, May 8th
I am very satisfied with the work completed by Quality 1st Basement Systems! My representative did a good job with his presentation it was very informative. I had been thinking about getting the basement waterproofed 4 months after we moved in. The installation team worked very well together. I chose to go with Quality 1st because they had a great price and service. 
Brian T. of Berlin, NJ
What a tremendous experience with this company. I highly recommend it. Very professional and knowledgeable. The crew that came to my house were extremely hard-working and knowledgeable. Very, very happy with the final result!
Bob M. of Cherry Hill, NJ
Thursday, September 1st
Before contacting Quality 1st Basement Systems, I was always getting water in my basement during heavy rainfall. I met with my inspector and he explained how I can waterproof the basement for good with a warranty. I decided to have two sump pumps and french drains installed for the water problem. the crew lead by Wilver Cardoza completed the work in just 1 day! They were courteous, professional, and overall outstanding. I feel as though my solution will be a reliable and permanent one. I would highly recommend the Quality 1st team to complete any basement job.
Monica G. of Cherry Hill, NJ
Friday, August 9th
I am very satisfied with the work completed in my crawlspace. I first saw the crawlspace encapsulation system at my friends house and really liked the product. He referred me to Quality 1st and I had them give me a free estimate for my crawlspace moisture issues. My inspector John did a great job explaining the products for my crawlspace and made a customized solution. The installation crew was very good and showed up on time. They were neat and organized, worked good as a team.
Bill H. of Maple Shade, NJ
Monday, February 18th
I've been searching for a solution to my crawl space problems for two years. Quality 1st had the best solution to the problem and the best price. The installation was quick!
Patricia B. of Riverton, NJ
Friday, October 9th
Good Evening, JC and Angela, I am reaching out to thank you and Quality 1st Basement Systems for helping me with my water problems.  Your team members were hard-working, conscientious, and respectful.  Although they were not able to complete everything in two days, I totally understand the circumstances with the weather.    I truly appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you this week!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season!
Jen B. of Cinnaminson, NJ
Monday, December 21st
Thank you sooo much! The foreman and crew members you sent to our house were top shelf! Very professional, clean & courteous under storm weather conditions.
Anthony C. of Moorestown, NJ
Tuesday, June 30th
I wanted to shout out to a couple of your team members that were amazing. On September 6 we had some concrete work done on our front porch/walkway. Iian Grooms and  Fermin Bermuduc worked so hard in the 95 degree (or higher) heat that day and did an outstanding job.  Iian communicated with us through out the afternoon letting us know what was going with the work.  In the end the front porch and walkway look fantastic.    Andrew Gagliardi was the sales rep for this project.  We had a situation - Andy handled it and we were able to complete the project on time.   Thank you to Iian, Fermin and Andrew!  We appreciate all you have done.      
Brenda B. of Atco, NJ
Tuesday, September 11th
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