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Sinking and Settling Steps in Bridgeton, NJ

Concrete slabs settle when the soil underneath the slab is too wet, too dry or poorly compacted. It becomes weak and can no longer support the weight causing it to sink and settle. PolyLevel provides additional support underneath the slab. 

The installation is clean and quick. The foam is injected underneath the concrete slab through a small penny size hole. 

Sinking Front Step in Bridgeton, NJ

The front step of this home began to settle. The concrete slab in front of the lowest step had settled as well creating a small trip hazard. Our Concrete Lifting and Leveling Solution known as PolyLevel was injected beneath the sinking slab right by the steps to raise it back to level. 

Sunken Front Porch Leveled in Woolwich Twp

A homeowner from Woolwich Township, NJ contacted Quality 1st Basements after noticing their front porch had settled a few inches. Our Concrete Repair Specialist, Andy, recommended PolyLevel would raise the porch back towards its original position all while permanently stabilizing it to prevent future sinking and settling.  

Sinking Concrete FIxed Outside Basement Doors in Elmer, NJ

This Elmer homeowner had sinking concrete slabs on his patio and outside the entryway to his basement doors. He called Quality 1st to discuss his options on whether to replace the slabs or not. The Design Specialist recommended the PolyLEVEL System;  high-destiny polymers that raise the slabs back to be level.

Concrete Driveway Settling in Harrison, NJ

This homeowner from Harrison, NJ noticed three sinking slabs were settling in different directions in his driveway. Quality 1st Basements helped move the concrete slabs back into place with PolyLevel solution. This solution worked well for this homeowner because since PolyLevel solution hardens quickly, the driveway was useable in about 15 minutes!

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