Foundation Repair Photo Album: Sinking Foundation in West Milford, NJ

Album Description

A homeowner in West Milford, NJ had a big problem with his home that he could no longer ignore. When he bought the house fifteen years ago he was told that there may be an issue with the foundation. Now the foundation was sinking in one corner and the problem kept getting worse. A vertical crack formed in the basement up through the brick work. The homeowner knew he had to get it fixed right away, so he called Quality 1st Basement Systems for a free estimate.

Quality 1st Basement Systems fixed the settling foundation with push piers. Steel push piers were driven into the soil beneath the foundation to fix the ongoing foundation settlement. A heavy-duty steel bracket was installed into the foundation footing. Then, the sinking foundation was elevated back into place. Installation was fast and easy and guaranteed to fix the problem. Finally the homeowner can be sure that his foundation is secure. The foundation is no longer sinking and settling, and his home is safe with the push pier system from Quality 1st Basement Systems.

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