Foundation Repair Case Studies: Foundation Repair in Brick, NJ

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 by Dan McNally


Tom and his brother contacted Quality 1st Basement Systems for an estimate because the main beam that was holding up his floor joists was settling and causing cracks in the drywall above. They also noticed that the doors and windows were sticking, and there were cracks in the bathroom tile. Upon inspection, a System Design Specialist found that the perimeter foundation was actually in perfect shape. The problem was being caused by the main beam being inadequately supported when it was originally constructed. The existing concrete block supports were not strong enough and were spaced too far apart.


Quality 1st Basement Systems installed 150 feet of new supplemental beam to support the floor joists. The installation team then installed 12 SmartJacks to support the main beam and new beams. The SmartJacks have a 2x2x2 cube of engineered fill which support the new footing. Then the SmartJack is installed to meet the beams and can be adjusted to lift them back to level.

This solution will provide lasting results as each SmartJack can support loads exceeding 60,000 pounds. The system is galvanized for corrosion-resistance. This Brick homeowner is very happy with the end result, and the home was able to be re-leveled. This allowed to homeowner to renovate the space with confidence knowing his house was back on solid ground.

Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Dan McNally

Senior Foreman: Wilver Cardoza