Concrete Lifting and Leveling Case Studies: Leveling Concrete in Spotswood

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014


Spotswood homeowner contacted Quality 1st Basement Systems because he was experiencing sinking in the home's concrete driveway. The concrete sinking was due to drying (during the summer) and then shrinking of the soil below the slab (as the soil dries and loses water, it becomes less dense which causes the concrete to sink). Rain water had also cause erosion of the soil further causing the concrete to sink. The homeowner was concerned that the driveway had created a trip hazard for his family. The sinking slabs also caused puddling and pooling of water and ice in the driveway, making it unsafe for his family.


Quality 1st Basement Systems inspected the area and determined that the PolyLEVEL concrete leveling system would be the best and most cost-effective option for the homeowner. PolyLEVEL was installed beneath the homeowners concrete slabs to raise them to the original levels. PolyLEVEL was used to create a smooth, level driveway. The PolyLEVEL set in only 15 minutes, and the homeowner was able to use his driveway just 15 minutes after set time!

The homeowner considered concrete replacement, but the costs were too expensive. Concrete replacement can temporarily solve the problem, but does nothing to repair the soil issues that caused the concrete sinking in the first place. This means that the concrete would eventually sink again. Rather than using the Mudjacking process, which can be messy and adds more weight to the concrete which could exacerbate the sinking process, PolyLEVEL was the light-weight, simple solution for this driveway. PolyLEVEL is only 2 lbs per cubic foot; the slurry used in mudjacking can weigh anywhere from 90-150 lbs. PolyLEVEL is waterproof and will not break down over time.

Project Summary

System Design Specialistq: Jessica Long

PolyLEVEL Engineer: Brian Way

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