Photo Album: No More Flooding in Mount Holly, NJ

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This basement in Mount Holly, NJ was wet, musty, and unhealthy. The homeowner was tired of simply waiting for the basement to flood when it rained, so she called Quality 1st Basement Systems for a waterproofing solution. She explained to her basement specialist that her sump pump never worked well and gave off a musty odor, so Quality 1st Basement Systems replaced it with a TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe pump has an airtight lid to prevent musty, wet odors from escaping out into the basement. Wet smells waft up to the rest of the house, so any air in the basement is soon air in the living room, the kitchen, and the bedroom. The old sump pump was not powerful enough to keep this basement dry, but it will be easy for the TripleSafe. The TripleSafe has three pumps and a battery back-up to prevent flooding.

The TripleSafe sump pump will keep the basement dry with the help of a WaterGuard basement drain. The WaterGuard basement drain is an internal system, which prevents drainage clogs. Dirt, silt, and debris will never be an issue with the WaterGuard. Installation was fast and easy. Now the basement is protected and water drains out safely away from the home.

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