Photo Album: Dirty, Dusty Crawl Space in Florence, NJ

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Living above this dusty crawl space in Florence, NJ was not this family's idea of comfort. The humidity in the crawl space was high and the dust mites were causing allergy symptoms. Keeping the air healthy in crawl spaces is important, since the air in it wafts up to the rest of the house. Quality 1st Basement Systems had the solution for this crawl space.

The installation team added CleanSpace vapor barrier in the crawl space to keep moisture out and prevent the humidity from raising. High humidity allows for dust mites to reproduce, so the key to healthy air is low humidity. CleanSpace vapor barrier also prevents the wooden beams from rotting. Wood rot can cause structural damage to a home. By encapsulating their crawl space, this Hunterdon county family has made an investment in their home. The crawl space will no longer get moist, critters will stay out, and debris will no longer litter the crawl space. 

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