Photo Album: Crawl Space Sump Pump in Pemberton, NJ

Album Description

The floor of this Pemberton, NJ crawl space was wet and damp. The homeowner noticed a moldy smell coming from the crawl space and was concerned about mold growth. He didn't want to spend any more time worrying about his damp, musty crawl space so he called Quality 1st Basement Systems for help.

The installation team added an internal crawl space drain and a sump pump to keep this crawl space nice and dry. The SmartSump sump pump is designed specifically to work best in crawl spaces, so it is the best product for the job. With its cast iron engine, the SmartSump sump pump will keep the crawl space protected. Its built in battery will turn on even when the power goes out and pump up to 11,500 gallons of water out of the crawl space! The homeowner feels protected and comfortable with his waterproof crawl space and no longer has to worry about mold growth or nasty odors.

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