Photo Album: Sinking Driveway Saved with PolyLEVEL

Album Description

When the driveway of this Burlington home sunk to the level where people were tripping, the homeowner called Quality 1st Basement Systems. He'd heard about the PolyLEVEL system for leveling uneven concrete and hoped it could fix his driveway.

Quality 1st PolyLEVEL Specialist, Ken Peare, went out to inspect the driveway and was happy to inform the homeowner that PolyLEVEL could fix the uneven slabs. He arranged for Brian Way, the Quality 1st PolyLEVEL expert to go out to Burlington and repair the slabs. The driveway was leveled and broken concrete was replaced.

Now the homeowner is very happy that his driveway is level and, once again, safe for family and friends.

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