Quality 1st Basements Case Studies: Weatherproof windows and enclosures brighten Freehold basement

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 by Cassandra Santiago


These Freehold basement windows were looking worse for wear and becoming increasingly difficult when it came to trying to pry them open. The original single pain windows had rusted frames and were not opening properly. The window wells were also an eyesore, made partly of metal and brick. Debris and water had been collecting in them for a long time and it was not a nice sight.


The Quality 1st Basement Systems crew replaced the old windows with new EverLast energy-efficient windows. These windows are designed for efficiency in every aspect; they slide easily, lock, and never need to be painted. They are made of vinyl, so these are sealed to never rot and are mildew-resistant. The seal also keeps temperatures in the basement from fluctuating by keeping the air in, so utilities bills will never suffer.

The Quality 1st Basement Systems team also replaced the old window wells with SunHouse basement window enclosures. The streamlined, clean design provides an overall nicer look outside of the home. The bottom bounces sunlight and reflects it into the basement, brightening up a usually dark space. The strong, clear top keeps out rain and soil as well as any other debris. The homeowner is thrilled with his new windows and wells, and loves how bright his basement now looks!

Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Ken Peare

Senior Foreman: Jesus Alvarez-Sanchez

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