Quality 1st Basements Case Studies: Foundation Crack Repaired in Bridgewater, NJ

Thursday, September 13th, 2018 by Sam Ruzzano


A homeowner in Bridgewater, NJ contacted Quality 1st Basements to have one of our Foundation Repair Specialist out to inspect serious cracks in the foundation of their home. They saw multiple signs of foundation settlement such as large wall cracks, cracks in the exterior brick and sticking doors and windows. He wanted a solution that would permanently stabilize the failing foundation to prevent further damage that could decrease the value of his home.



Senior Foundation Repair Specialist, Ken Peare, did a full inspection of the homes foundation and claimed it was unstable and needed a solution to permanently stabilize it and prevent future cracks or movement. He recommended Helical Piers be installed to lift the home back towards its original position while stabilizing the foundation to prevent future shifting and cracking. 

Our Project Manager Jonathan and his team installed 7 Helical Piers underneath the foundation. The installation begins with our crew clearing the area around the outside of the foundation where the installation will take place. The compacted soil is removed for a clear opening for each individual Helical Pier. Using special equipment, the first pier section is screwed into the ground. Additional steel sections are then added to extend the pier to the appropriate depths and capacities, and a steel foundation bracket is connected to the Helical piers and attached to the footing. the weight of the home is transferred through the piers onto competent load- bearing soils. This allows the team to lift the home back towards its original position.   

Project Summary

Senior Foundation Design Specialist: Ken Peare

Project Manager: Jonathan Neira

Product Installed: Helical Piers

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