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You Breathe Basement Air!

Thursday, July 19th, 2018 by Kasey Ronan

The stack effect tells us that the air we breathe in our home comes from our basement or crawl space. Well building scientists say that up 50% of the air you breathe in on the first 

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floor. By keeping your basement dry and healthy, you are creating good quality air not only in your basement but throughout your entire house. Preventing water, moisture, humidity and even cold drafty air from your basement will ensure a cleaner, healthy space and will even help lowering monthly bills! Did you know dry air is easier to cool then damp air? Your home will cool down faster, creating less work for your AC unit!  is the air that came straight from your basement. Air leaking out on the second level of your home causes air to leak in at the bottom which is your basement. If water, moisture and even mold are living in your basement, then not only is your basement being compromised but the air quality in your home as well. Bacteria in the air can cause asthma and mold allergies so bad basement conditions can actually affect your family’s quality of life.

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