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Vicinity of Ryders Lane in East Brunswick
Looking to seal a crack in basement wall where water is coming in.
Vicinity of Old Bridge Turnpike in East Brunswick
I am interested in buying a house that has a basement with too short of a ceiling. I'm looking for an estimate of the costs to lower the concrete floor of the basement - dig out, underpin foundation (concrete with rebar), new perimeter drain/sump system, re-install concrete floor (crushed rock, vapor barrier,wire mesh,concrete) for a ranch home that is approximately 2500 sq feet in total. If this is a service you provide, would be interested in a rough quote to start as I am still trying to determine at this point if I even buy the house (so a ballpark is all that is needed for step 1). Thanks, Craig
Vicinity of Milltown Rd in East Brunswick
Buying a house . in home inspection found out cracks on the wall of basement. concerned about major structural n foundation issues
Vicinity of N in East Brunswick
The basement cinder blocks are separating in many spots due to tree roots. the wall is buckling inwards
Vicinity of Van Wickle Road in East Brunswick
We have waterproofed our basement and need to finish. We have materials for basement bathroom and tile for the floor, but we need paneling for the walls and installation of all materials. We would like to speak to someone regarding an estimate.
Vicinity of St. Georges Road in East Brunswick
Looking for an estimate on remodeling my basement. It 3/4 basement for a center hall colonial.
Vicinity of Grange Court in East Brunswick
Finish a basement, create walk in closet move washer/dryer
Vicinity of Edinburg Lane in East Brunswick
Water in the basement
Vicinity of Lench Rd in East Brunswick
Want to have basement finished. Some work was already done. Only partial basement. Most of it is crawl space but it's gross. Want to insulate and water proof whole basement then finish off the part that's not crawl space.
Vicinity of North Drive in East Brunswick
Wet basement, possible sump pump or water drainage problem + cracks on the walls.
Vicinity of Stephens Dr. in East Brunswick
Part # 1: driveway pad, in front of garage is cracked and uneven. Pad is 3 ft X 22 ft and has settled about 2 ins on right side with a crack about 5 ft from that end. Part # 2: The house foundation also has a number of cracks, front and back, due to the settling of the ground. The cracks are about 6 to 7 ft in length and up to 1/2 in. wide
Vicinity of Amanda Court in East Brunswick
Horizontal crack in block foundation
Vicinity of Sherwood Ave in East Brunswick
Concrete is sinking and cracking around pool. Want to level and stabilise concrete to prevent any more damage
Vicinity of Winchester Drive in East Brunswick
The house is 15 years old and has sunk about 6-8 inches. Outside water now rolls towards the house which is causing cracks in the foundation. Cracks on the outside foundation wall also appear on the inside basement wall. Note: Our basement is dry. We have a sump (hole only; no pump) and the hole has been dry for 15 years.
Vicinity of Old Bridge Turnpike in East Brunswick
Several sunken concrete slabs in the sidewalk
Vicinity of Gage Rd. in East Brunswick
Water, mold in crawl space
Vicinity of Independence Dr in East Brunswick
Interested in installing a sump pump and waterproofng the basement
Vicinity of in East Brunswick
I wanted to show areas from where I do get some water (occasionally)
Vicinity of Old Bridge Turnpike in East Brunswick
Damp basement wall
Vicinity of Burhham Road in East Brunswick
Water in bsement after rain. Need solutions
Vicinity of Everton Dr in East Brunswick
I need a few sidewalk slabs raised/leveled with pressure grouting or similar process. This is a small residential job that might make sense if you are in the area. Thanks.
Vicinity of Devon Drive in East Brunswick
Need a free inspection and quote for waterproofing our basement. Please contact me at your earliest. Thanks.
Vicinity of Academic Road in East Brunswick
I am looking to have an egress put in our basement. There are some challenges to overcome.
Vicinity of Welsh Court in East Brunswick
Looking for a new sump pump installed with battery back up
Vicinity of Thomas Rd in East Brunswick
Moisture and musty smell coming from the dirt crawl space and basement.
Vicinity of Hilltop Blvd in East Brunswick
I have 3 windows in the basement. 2 of them are leaking from the sides. I would like to know if you guys replace basement windows. Please let me know if you need more info from me.
Vicinity of WELLINGTON RD in East Brunswick
Need estimate for repairs in cracked slab and support
Vicinity of Milltown Road in East Brunswick
Waterproofing basement, including sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Devon Dr in East Brunswick
Need a free estimate for laminated floor removal and drying basement after water flooding. Also need estimate of baseboard removal and new installation. Thanks.
Vicinity of Firethorn Ct. in East Brunswick
I would like to have free quote for Duradek replacement.
Vicinity of Keswick Cir in East Brunswick
How much would a back up hydraulic sump pump be? and a ejecter pit alarm?
Vicinity of Dunhams Corner Rd in East Brunswick
Basement Flooring and Basement Improvement.
Vicinity of Harwin Drive in East Brunswick
Slightly bowed basement walls with cracking and water seepage.
Vicinity of Lois Ave in East Brunswick
Tired of patching and painting my basement every year. I like your application, read good reviews from end users. Looking to have an estimate completed for my basement. Floating slab, old french drain system. Basement is roughly 35' X 20'
Vicinity of Whitehall Road in East Brunswick
Also interested in wall refinishing.
Vicinity of Perry Road in East Brunswick
Old wet insulation from crawspace needs to be removed and new insulation needs to be replaced. Crawlspace areas is even and would like to even it out and have a vapor barrier placed
Vicinity of Gage Road in East Brunswick
Crawlspace insulation
Vicinity of Ivy Terrace in East Brunswick
We have cedar block closed basement. We are interested in installing belco doors. Thanks.
Vicinity of Center Lane in East Brunswick
I have problem with my basement
Vicinity of Morgan Pl in East Brunswick
Looking to buy a house in the same town and need to get an estimate to repair a flood in a lower section of the house and install a sump-pump. Need to check for the source of the problem as well.
Vicinity of Highview Road in East Brunswick
Can you please contact me about a quote for basement waterproofing / drain / sump. Thanks
Vicinity of Nelson Cir in East Brunswick
Sometimes after prolonged rain or melting of a lot of snow, water seeps into the basement. we think it may be coming through the walls, but not sure. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jamison Ct in East Brunswick
And basement repair estimation. My house is 20y.o, basement is half-finished. It had no sump-pump installed, no water is visible. Lately I noticed that bricks in one of corners in the un-finished area became wetter, it seams like water is sipping through. I have been feeling that air became more dump. I would like to fixed it.Also I saw a little cracks in the plaster around foundation, I started to worry and I would like to get an opinion on the state of my house foundation.
Vicinity of Magnolia Ct in East Brunswick
Basement Waterproofing and mold removal.
Vicinity of Fresh Ponds Rd. in East Brunswick
I am looking to put in a sidewalk from my front door to my driveway. my dimensions are 7ft 3in. in width, 18ft in length. I think I want the depth to be 3in. unless that is too much.from your calculator I would need 1.16 cubic yards. could I get a quote on how much the 1.16 cubic yards would cost as well as a quote on the price of .77 cubic yards. thank you Cubic yards calculated: 1.16
Vicinity of Stella Ct. in East Brunswick
660 sqft, 30 x 22 need inexpensive flooring
Vicinity of Plum Tree Ct in East Brunswick
Need 2 Cu Yd of redy mix concrete for drive way. Delivery in one week. Please provide quote with and without pump. Cubic yards calculated: 1.85
Vicinity of Highview Road in East Brunswick
I've unfinished basement and am interested in convertin that into a living area. Could someone please come to my house and give me an estimated cost pls Thanx -Dhruv
Vicinity of Jefferson Road in East Brunswick
We have a french drain but no sump pump. We have flooded once before and need your help. Thanks!
Wojbiech R. East Brunswick, NJ
Buying home
Vicinity of Sagamore Lane in East Brunswick
Basement walls need to be scrapped from mold and a sealer applied. also need and dehumidifier installed I have a basement sump pump already so I need it connected to this drain system.
Vicinity of in East Brunswick
Our Basement wall and floor is damp all the time at one corner. When we enter the basement dampness odor comes.
Vicinity of Harrison Avenue in East Brunswick
Need basement waterproofing solution.
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