Photo Album: Insulating a Chilly Crawl Space in Shamong, NJ

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The section above this crawl space floor in Shamong, NJ was always very cold. Looking for a solution, the owner of the property called Quality 1st Basement Systems to find a way to insulate this crawl space with the best products available.

Quality 1st Basement Systems installed waterproof, inorganic insulation in the crawl space. The crew used SilverGlo, which is infused with reflective pieces of graphite. The shine of the graphite reflects heat and traps it in the crawl space, keeping it nice and warm. Many crawl spaces are insulated with fiberglass, however fiberglass can soak up moisture. Wet fiberglass can grow mildew, mold, and hold in nasty, musty odors. SilverGlo insulation is 100% waterproof and will never rot away like organic material. Now the room above this crawl space is much warmer and the crawl space is properly insulated.

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