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Vicinity of Winding Way in Princeton
Need and estimate for finishing a basement 1000-1100 Sq ft. 1/2 bath.
Vicinity of Forest Ave in Princeton
We just bought a house and after it rains we get water in the basement, due to bad drainage around the house.
Vicinity of Berkshire Dr in Princeton
Thinking to finish the basement
Vicinity of Herrontown Rd in Princeton
Need repair work to crawl space (beams & footing) & vapor barrier. If no one picks up, please leave a message!
Vicinity of Princeton in Princeton
Hi, we need to install a battery back up system for our existing sump pump. Would like to get a free estimate for the job. Thanks
Vicinity of Sayre Drive in Princeton
Water leaking during storm.
Vicinity of Harvard Circle in Princeton
The PU insulation has cracks on the exterior of the house.
Vicinity of Academy in Princeton
We are buying an as-is property, and there is evidence that the basement has flooded in the past. Our mortgage underwriter needs confirmation that the basement is not prone to significant flooding before we close on the house. I suspect we will do some basement sealing in the future, but we do not want this to postpone our closing.
Vicinity of Riverside Drive in Princeton
Water incursion into basement.
Vicinity of State Rd in Princeton
Sump Pump is not working
Vicinity of Wilton St in Princeton
Water leaks into my basement through the cinder block walls. This could be due to poor drainage outside.
Vicinity of Sayre Dr in Princeton
We are looking for ideas and estimate to finish our basement
Vicinity of Governors Lane in Princeton
We have a pipe penetration of our basement wall that "weeps" during heavy rainstorms. Would like an estimate to fully seal it.
Vicinity of Wilton St in Princeton
Concrete repair
Vicinity of Taylor Road in Princeton
There is a huge pile of dirt/Soil in the basement that needs to be removed. Upon clearing the dirt the area needs to be leveled with concrete. That basement area is a little better than the crawl space area. The dimension of the area is 20X13
Vicinity of Meetinghouse Court in Princeton
Front entry slap has sunken so that it slopes towards the house.
Vicinity of Vernon Circle in Princeton
I need my Bilco door replaced. It is leaking. Thank you
Vicinity of Jefferson Ct in Princeton
We have water coming into the crawlspace area and we would like to get a quote for fixing the cause. Thanks
Vicinity of Roper Road in Princeton
Our downstairs is getting water coming in thru basement windows
Vicinity of Emerald Road in Princeton
Looking for estimate for basement finish
Vicinity of Dorann Ave in Princeton
We are planning to use two rooms in a finished basement as bedrooms and need to install legal egress windows (each currently has a too-small window and too-small window well). The basement had water issues in the past (remedied now with a sump pump and gas generator), so when adding the egress windows will need to ensure effective waterproofing is maintained. Hoping to have the work done before mid-June. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet
Vicinity of Jefferson Rd in Princeton
We had a new water and sewer line put in about a year ago and the holes dug for that work don't seem to have been properly plugged. Any time we get a major rain storm, water seeps through the walls in that area of the basement. We'd like to figure out how to fix these leaks and would also like to explore the possibility of having a sump pump installed. Thank you!
Vicinity of Morris Dr in Princeton
Front steps of house are sloped away from the house and would like to mud jack to an acceptable level. Need this done quickly.
Vicinity of Castleton Road in Princeton
My foundation wall has a crack that has been filled before. But these days, some small amount of water get in during raining days from the unfilled part of the crack.
Vicinity of Boudinot Street in Princeton
Our basement has 60% concrete, other with dirt floor. 1. We need to install concrete floor for the rest of the basement floor. 2. we also need to install french drain and Sump Pump. 3. existing concrete floor need some repairs. 4. we also need recommendation on the dirt crawl space area.
Vicinity of Sayre Drive in Princeton
Horizontal cracks and settlement cracks in basement need repair.
Vicinity of Moore Street in Princeton
Water appears to be penetrating through walls and old ash removal in basement.
Vicinity of Rydal Rd in Princeton
Water leaking from basement walls - need someone to look at it please
Vicinity of Moore Street in Princeton
Water entering basement in a few places.
Vicinity of Elm Road in Princeton
Leaking basement...slab doesn't pitch to an old sump pump. Water pools in three areas. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cherry Valley Road in Princeton
We need to install a vapor barrier and a few jacks.
Vicinity of Esterbrook Dr in Princeton
Hi, we have a few cracks in the concrete foundation. If you have an email I can send you some pictures. I would like to have an estimate for you to repair them. The cracks are on the outside so I hope after repair they won't be visible. We are located in Princeton, NJ. Thanks very much.
Vicinity of Winding Way in Princeton
Add another sump pump as a back up in case of power failure
Vicinity of Lawrenceville Rd in Princeton
Crawl space need insulation repair or replace cover pipes 200 square feet
Vicinity of Carriage Way in Princeton
Girder is twisted and need to replace
Vicinity of Jefferson Road in Princeton
Need foundation wall reinforcement.
Vicinity of Valley Road in Princeton
I'm in contract to purchase this home. A known issue is a sump to divert water from underneath the house to the back yard. Yesterday's inspector found quite a bit of moisture and humidity in the crawl space and recommended getting a quote from Quality 1st basement asap. Thanks, Trisha
Vicinity of Gabriella Ct in Princeton
A hairline crack in the basement wall is causing the water to leak.
Vicinity of Shady Brook Lane in Princeton
Need to obtain an estimate to replace insulation in the crawl space of our home at the above address and treat foundation walls with a sealant in the crawl spaces.
Vicinity of Lamabert Drive in Princeton
I have a crawl space with a French drain installed there before I bought the house. Sump pump kicks in a lot. I would like to understand where this water is coming from and how to waterproof. There is a small stream of water near the house as well. We had mold in the crawl space and basement, and had to deal with it this fall. I currently have a dehumidifier in the crawl space. Please call me to discuss. Thx
Vicinity of Lake Dr in Princeton
Crawl space dehumidifier
Vicinity of Greenholm St in Princeton
I would like an estimate to repair some walls in my basement where water is coming in
Vicinity of Washington Rd in Princeton
We'd like to have our crawl space looked at to check for mold, spores, cracks in foundation or any other problems as well as replacement of crawl space liner.
Vicinity of Bellflower Ct in Princeton
We want to convert our crawl space to basement. Can you help?
Vicinity of Pierson Avenue in Princeton
There is a horizontal crack across basement stucco wall at eye level. I need a structural engineer to evaluate the seriousness of the problem and potential remediation and cost. Thanks.
Vicinity of Valley Road in Princeton
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Harris Road in Princeton
We have several cracks in the concrete blocks of our basement walls.
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Princeton
Hi, I have a basement where a dirt crawl space has been dug out by the previous owner. I would like to set up a time to have someone come out and provide a rundown of different options and and estimate on the cost of repair. Is it possible to have someone come out and take a look on a weekday after 5pm or anytime over the weekend? Thanks!
Vicinity of Linden Lane in Princeton
Need help. My basement keeps flooding and I have 2 sump pumps. What's worse is when the electricity goes out and I have no power to push water away from the house. I like to schedule a free waterproofing estimate ASAP. Thanks, Stephen C.
Vicinity of Turner Court in Princeton
We have one bigger horizontal crack in the basement in one wall where the soil when saturated with water seems to have increased the pressure load on that wall. Also, there are some stair case and smaller vertical cracks. House is from 1966, crack was there when we moved in in 2005 but with recent storms, not sure if worsening.
Vicinity of Hamilton Ave in Princeton
Hi, We'd like to get a quote for installing a backup battery operated sump pump. We currently have a single submersible primary pump, so we're interested in backing that up in case of power failure. Our basement is finished, so the installation may be limited by the size of the access opening to the sump pit (located under the kitchen floor). We may also replace the primary pump at the same time.
Vicinity of Caldwell Drive in Princeton
I have a French drainage system but it seems to br clogged at a few spots and when it's really pouring, water will seep out and on the floor of my finished basement. The ppes or drainage system cannot be seen, it seems to be all covered up and underground. Any suggestions?
Vicinity of Summerfield Dr in Princeton
I am looking for approx 10 Cu yards of concrete delivery for under the deck concrete + patio + sidewalk. For Patio & Sidewalk, I prefer Stained/Stamped concrete (paver block like pattern). I would appreciate if you could call/email. Looking for project start in approx 2 weeks if things work out.
Vicinity of Linwood Circle in Princeton
Do you install Bilco basement entryway doors?
Vicinity of Rutgers Lane in Princeton
Replacement sump pump and am interested in a battery back up system. Thank you.
Vicinity of Taylor Rd in Princeton
I need a Bilco Door replaced.
Vicinity of Autumn Hill Rd in Princeton
Water in the crawl space after rain. I would like to have a good estimate first and then fix the problem. Thanks,
Vicinity of Autumn Hill Rd in Princeton
We have water in the crawl space after rain. I would like to fix the problem, which requires a good estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Shadybrook Ln. in Princeton
I need bilco doors for my basement stairwell. Do you make custom made doors?
Vicinity of Mapleton Road in Princeton
The house, which is very old, was moved onto its present foundation in 1989. The basement is unfinished, with a concrete floor, and extends under the entire house. The walls are made of cinder blocks. There is a sump pump in one area of the basement which works to keep the water level low enough so that water does not come up through the floor during heavy rains such as we have had recently. However, during most rains water seeps in between the floor and cinder block wall in one or two locations and during heavy rains, again such as those we have recently had here in Plainsboro, water will come in through several such locations. Also, water frequently comes under the door in the basement leading to the outside bulkhead door.
Vicinity of Lehigh Ct. in Princeton
We recently found two horizontal cracks and two vertical cracks in the basement. Wondering if foundation has issues. Would like to have a inspection and consultation.
Vicinity of Heather Ln in Princeton
I am looking to get a 1 yard delivery. Then in 3 weeks a delivery of 3 yards for 22 sono tubes. Cubic yards calculated:
Vicinity of Canal Pointe Blvd in Princeton
I am a Realtor, I have a property under contract in Bedminster, NJ. Will your company go to this area? Bedminster is in Somerset County. Some items came up on an inspection report that need to be evaluated further...one is water staining in basement other is staining on exterior walls of second house. Do you do grading?
Vicinity of Boxwood Drive in Princeton
Existing in-ground sump pump (floor sucker?)noisy and now constantly "on" with no water discharging. Please contact me at your earliest convenience for estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Winding Way in Princeton
Recently had a flooded basement. Looking to replace the contractor-grade sump pump with a Zoller sump pump with a battery back up. I want to get an estimate for the job.
Vicinity of Pelham Street in Princeton
Hi, we have bought a home in Princeton, which has a basement that gets water during heavy rains. We want to look at different solutions to solving problem. Pls. call asap!!! We look to move in by the middle of June and would like to have problem addressed by then. Many thanks, Carl

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