Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Chilly Crawl Space Insulated in Millington, NJ

Friday, November 13th, 2015 by Sarah Gozick


Ms. N from Millington, NJ called Quality 1st Basement Systems looking for a solution on how to rectify dampness and moisture in her two crawl spaces. One of the crawl spaces had insulation on the ceiling, and the other had damp walls with no insulation. The second crawl space was put in place for a home extention and was separate from the rest of the home. Ms. N had found us in her church bulletin and after receiving our package of information in the mail, she was confident we could help. Crawl space specialist Jeff Nero inspected the property and found that not only was there significant moisture entering the crawl space environment, but there was zero insulation causing cold floors above and higher heating costs for the home. The crawl space was separated from heat by a cinderblock wall, and though it had duct work done its large size and position was causing Ms. N's bedroom to be chilly and uncomfortable. There was a drastic difference in temperature between her room in the morning and the other warmer rooms in the house. Constantly cold and burning through her energy bills, she needed a solution.


Quality 1st Basement Systems installed a CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. A crawl space encapsulation system stops the unending stream of water vapor from diffusing through the concrete slab as well as the masonry block foundation walls. The encapsulated environment allows for the SaniDry dehumidifier to maintain a relative humidity at or below 55%. By keeping the humidity this low, it prevents mold, wood rot, and odors from occuring. The SaniDry dehumidifier also removes dust mites from the air, which is the most common household allergen. Now that the crawl space has been isolated from the earth with CleanSpace, Quality 1st Basement Systems was able to properly insulate the cold crawl space. First, the installation team laid down TerraBlock on the crawl space floor. TerraBlock is a flexible closed cell foam insulation under the CleanSpace liner so it is protected from anyone crawling on it. Next, the team installed SilverGlo crawl space insulation on the walls. SilverGlo is a graphite infused hard foam panel system with a radiant barrier. The insulation is individually cut and installed in each rim joist bay and then sealed for air leaks. 

These products collectively work as a system to fully encapsulate and insulate the crawl space as a whole. The environment is properly sealed from cold drafts and moist dirt. A crawl space encapsulation system and insulation are the best solution for Ms. N since they not only accomplish the exact goals she wanted to address, but also provided a permanent dry, conditioned, and insulated space for her to store all of her seasonal belongings which she could never do before. The end result was a complete success! This winter Ms. N will enjoy comfortable floors on cold days, lower heating bills from her utility company, a healthier environment for her to live above, and a new storage area that she never knew was possible.

Project Summary

Primary Foreman: Jesus Alvarez-Sanchez

Sales Representative: Jeff Nero