Basement Finishing Photo Album: Total Basement Finishing in Edison, NJ

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This Edison, New Jersey homeowner had a basement that needed waterproofing. The homeowner was interested in renovating the living space so they called Quality 1st Basement Systems for a free estimate on waterproofing and total basement finishing. Basement specialist Jessica Long inspected the property and found a carpeted basement that needed a face lift and waterproof walling and flooring. 

To help this homeowner finish her basement, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed ThermalDry floor tiles in the color sandstone. Carpet is not an ideal flooring for basements because in case of flooding, carpet can grow mildew and mold. That musty basement smell can be avoided with waterproof, inorganic basement flooring. ThermalDry is an interlocking tiled flooring system specifically designed for basement environments. Installation is easy and quick, since they are installed piece by piece and are easily removed for fast cleaning. In case the floor gets wet, the tiles can be easily picked up, wiped down, and snapped back into place. Carpeting can't do that! ThermalDry flooring tiles have raised nubs on the bottom surface that provide space for air to flow. This keeps the floor ten degrees warmer than the concrete basement floor, which will save on heating and make it a comfortable living space. Unlike ceramic, ThermalDry is made out of flexible, durable plastic that can bend and flex. It will not crack like concrete and will not rot like wood. 

Waterproof EverLast basement wall panels were installed, which looks great together with the ThermalDry flooring. EverLast is made out of durable, inorganic material, so it is mold and mildew resistant. It comes in a neutral shade that matches any basement's decor. Not only does it look great, it is functional. Everlast does not retain moisture, so it is the best option for waterproofing basements. A new egress window was installed, which looks beautiful, provides natural sunlight and has a secure lid. This basement now looks spectacular, and has waterproof walls and floors!

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