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  • By Michael M.
    Burlington, NJ

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    By Michael M.
    Burlington, NJ

Mark Kleiner from Quality 1st Basements

Title: System Design Specialist

Hometown: Wall, NJ

Mark Kleiner from Quality 1st Basements

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry making him a great asset to Quality 1st Basements. We saw great value in Mark and knew right away we wanted him on our team. With all this experience, he has a good understanding of the importance of providing a thorough inspection to make sure all the homeowners concerns are addressed. 

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Water Heater Flood Protection System
    Water Heater Flood Protection System

    Don't take any chances with your water heater having a problem and causing significant damage in your home. Our team will install our FloodRing to ensure that you are notified if there is any leak in your water heater, keeping you protected 24/7.

    Since water heaters automatically refill themselves, a leak will be nonstop until you repair or replace it. In some scenarios, we've seen basements with feet of water due to a failed water heater system! The FloodRing protects your home in many ways! It has a 4-inch high PVC ring that is sealed to your basement floor around the water tank.The ring can be connected to a floor drainage system, draining the water directly to your sump pump. It also has a"WaterWatch" floor alarm to detect flooding alarming you right away if it detects water. 

  • Unstable Floor Joist in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
    Unstable Floor Joist in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

    Our System Design Specialist, Mark Kleiner designed the Ultimate solution for the sagging floor joist in the basement of this Point Pleasant, NJ home. 20 PowerBraces and 6 SmartJacks were installed for additional support to the floor joist to prevent further sagging and movement. 

    First, Wilver and his crew install the PowerBraces against the floor joist beams then SmartJacks were installed for supplemental support. 

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